Mustaparran Päämaja


Mustaparran Päämaja located in Boutique Hotel Mustaparta. Päämaja is a popular restaurant in the center of Tornio. Lunchtime is Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00 and a la carte after 15:00. Grand and Boutique Hotel's breakfast is served in Päämaja.

Table reservation +358400 105800

Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00

We have taken care and taken necessary measures to curb the spread of infectious diseases.

Grand Lounge

Grand Lounge in a cozy place to hang out in first floor of the Grand Hotel. We'll open during the summer 2022. There are small savory and sweet treats and many refreshments. It's easy to come there and enjoy a wine class or cup of coffee.

Muut ravintolamme

Hallituskatu 15, Tornio

Having fun and good food over 30 years! Umpitunneli "Umppari" located on the shore of Torniojoki and it's one of the most famous restaurants in all of Lapland. There is also one of the largest terraces of Finland

Hallituskatu 11, Tornio

Pikku-Berliini is a strongly German style pub where you can find the best beer and whiskey selection of the town. There is a pool table downstears. Age limit on weekends K-20.

Punainen Paroni
Hallituskatu 11, Tornio

Punainen Paroni is a karaokepub and nightclub next to Pikku Berliini. Punainen Paroni and Pikku Berliini have an excellent city terrace in the middle of the Tornio city.

VPK Nightclub
Itäranta 6, Tornio

A nightclub where the party continues untill the wee hours. Age limit Fri K-22, Sat K-24.

Café Metsonkulma
Puutarhakatu 20, 33210 Tampere

Atmospheric meeting place next to Hämeenpuisto.